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Hi babe!

I’m Lauren, an online registered dietitian and weight loss expert that has helped hundreds of women lose weight without giving up their favorite foods. As the owner of The Sorority Nutritionist, I have taken my own struggles with managing my weight and hating my body to inspire other women live healthier, more balanced lives.

I’m not going to lie: there was a time before I became a dietitian where I was extremely frustrated with my body and had a horrible relationship with food. After gaining nearly 20 pounds my freshman year of college, I was left struggling with my self-confidence and insecure in my body. Although I was having the time of my life going out to happy hour, football games and parties with my sorority sisters, I felt so uncomfortable in my skin and inspired to make a change.


Determined to lose the weight, I began running 6-7 miles every day and tried every diet you can imagine. I cut out carbs (went keto of course), tried intermittent fasting, went vegan, and worst of all: even tried doing a juice cleanse like many of my sisters! It wasn’t until I began studying nutrition when I realized my entire approach to “dieting” was ALL WRONG!

After navigating diets that left my social life in shambles and food guilt at an all time high, I discovered that by eating my favorite foods with my total calories and all the different macronutrients in mind, I lost weight without stress and could still have FUN!

I now use social media to share my message that weight loss doesn’t have to be miserable, and have inspired women all over the world to lose weight and gain confidence with my simple 3 step weight loss formula.

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Now engaged, loving life and the dog mom to 2 fur babies, I want to help you reach your weight loss goals and gain confidence in yourself so you don’t make the same mistakes as I did. My Alumni Slim Down Program is designed to give you one-on-one attention to help you develop a personalized fueling strategy to fit YOUR lifestyle. My 3-month coaching program gives you the tools, accountability and motivation to lose weight AND keep it off forever. This ain’t no boring, old school weight loss program with a strict meal plan that includes a list of “approved” foods… I make weight loss FUN and SIMPLE by teaching you how to fuel your body and eat delicious foods through my balanced approach.

But hey babe, that’s enough about me!

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My Secret To Weight Loss


    • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Florida State University

    • Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, Boston University

    • University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Dietetic Internship

    • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)