4 Tips to Speed Up Metabolism for Weight Loss

If you consider yourself a chronic dieter, you have to follow these 4 tips to speed up your metabolism to finally achieve your goals!

Let me guess: You are probably reading this article because you think you have a slow metabolism considering it’s nearly impossible for you to lose weight! And if I’m being honest… you may be right! That’s because if you’ve dieted on and off for years and have chronically under-fueled your body (aka deprived it of calories WAY below what it needs for an extended period of time)… you probably have lowered your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and slowed things way down.

Most women nowadays I work with as a dietitian have messed with their metabolism through years of dieting and are left feeling miserable in their bodies, confused why nothing works for them, and just accept the fact that their metabolism is screwed! It’s completely normal to be frustrated AF with your body when it won’t lose weight no matter what you feed it and how you exercise it, but you have to realize exactly why you can’t lose weight after dieting to be able to fix the problem which involves boosting your metabolism!

Reality is, you’re not necessarily “born” with a slow metabolism… unless of course you have a certain medical condition! But in fact there are certain things you can specifically do no matter who you are to boost your metabolism after slowing it down from years of dieting.


Now, this isn’t the sexy answer you may be looking for… because boosting your metabolism doesn’t occur overnight. In fact, the 4 tips I’m going to break down for you require time, patience and continued focus to get results from! But I promise you that if you do these 4 things after finally saying no to dieting, you will boost your metabolism and be able to maintain your weight for life stress-free!

1. Slow the F down with exercising

“You wanna lose weight? Well of course you have to exercise to burn calories!” I’ve heard that a million times, and I was one of those people, too! Exercise does help you lose weight by burning calories, getting active and can help you boost your metabolism… but most women are unfortunately not using it to their advantage.

If you’re reading this you probably have dieted on and off for a long time by being in a strict calorie deficit and over-exercising by doing cardio for a long time. Not only are you not eating enough, but you’re not getting benefits from your 7 day a week workouts or two-a-days… aka you’re not making progress! To truly heal your metabolism, you have to stop over-exercising and being in such a calorie deficit… so please cut back on your training days and how hard you go in the gym! This will make the food aspect easier for you, too!

2. Begin weight training

Repeat after me: WEIGHT TRAINING WILL NOT MAKE ME BULKY! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told women to pick up weights, ditch cardio and lift heavy AF to hit their goals. They look at me like I’m seriously an alien… and I get it. It’s totally not what we’re told for weight loss, but it actually will help you build muscle and boost your metabolism after you’ve probably lost muscle tone and slowed things down for so long! 1 pound of muscle burns 40-50 calories as compared to 1 pound of fat burning like 2-3 calories… that’s a big difference babes! That’s why adding muscle on your body (which also will make you look toned and confident) is key to boost your metabolism so you can hit your weight loss goals and maintain them long-term.

3. Eat protein every meal

Protein is so darn important for any woman trying to lose weight, but especially for women who have slowed down their metabolism real bad from dieting! Protein is one of the macronutrients found in food products like chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, tofu, edamame and greek yogurt! Protein is so crucial for boosting your metabolism because it takes 20-35% more energy to break it down! Not to mention a high protein intake has been shown to boost metabolism and increase the amount of calories burned by about 80 to 100 per day! Not to mention it helps you build muscle and recover from exercise as you begin strength training more… that way you get the most from your workouts and start transforming your body.

4. Don’t be afraid to increase calories (by eating whole foods)

You’re not going to like me, but I’m going to say it: You have to eat more food. Plain and simple, you have to. I know it’s scary. You’re like how the F can I eat more food, Lauren!? I’M TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT NOT GAIN!! But babe you have to understand: If you’re already not eating a lot of calories and your metabolism is slowed down… you can’t possibly eat less to lose weight. You’ve plateaued. You’ve hit rock bottom. It’s not possible!

Slowly, I repeat SLOWLY, you have to gradually increase what you eat alongside slowing down your exercise, beginning strength training and eating protein every meal… and THEN you will increase your metabolism to get it to the place where you’re ready to reevaluate your weight loss goals. Or better yet, you may be like some of my 1:1 weight loss clients who implement all 4 of these steps and lose weight and tone up from committing to this process! AMAZING, right!?

To help you during this transition, I recommend increasing calories if you count them by 100-300 calories per day while monitoring your weight. It may go up, it may stay the same… but you don’t want to do this too quickly! I also recommend focusing on eating whole, natural foods like veggies, fruits, whole grains which are high in fiber and help boost your metabolism, too!

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Have you ever felt like a complete failure on your weight loss journey? If you’re anything like me, you know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re eating healthy and doing the right thing but your body just won’t respond in the way you want it to. For so long I blamed my body, but it wasn’t until I looked within myself and realized it was ME causing harm to my body and screwing with my metabolism from dieting that I realized what I was doing wrong!

After years of skipping meals & over-exercising to burn calories in college, my metabolism was slow AF and although I was at my lowest weight... if I increased my food the slightest bit I would gain weight! But when I began fueling it the right way with all the nutrients (including carbs) and consistently allowed myself to eat all foods, I healed my metabolism and was able to achieve and maintain the weight I feel most comfortable at!

If you are ready to learn what a balanced diet truly is to heal your relationship with food and understand what it needs daily to feel it’s best, don’t forget to grab my FREE Secret to Weight Loss eBook to learn my BALANCED approach to fueling your body!