How To Lose Fat FAST

Whether you have a big event coming up or you’re just ready to make a drastic lifestyle change, follow these science-backed tips to help burn off excess fat faster than ever.

Real talk: If you search the question How to lose fat fast? on Google… the first images for products to buy that pop up are skinny supplements and metabolism booster pills and the best yet… The ULTIMATE Fat Freezer belly band!! These products make me cringe because they don’t work, they are a waste of money, and they are total gimmicks! Okay but seriously, just want to make it clear that these supplements and products DO NOT WORK!

If you’ve bought any of these products recently, please throw them away or return them ASAP because they’ll only keep you farther away from feeling your best! Instead, if have an event coming up or you’re hitting your breaking point and really feel ready to make a change to hit your weight loss goals, I want to give you my no BS tips to jumpstart your fat loss, boost your metabolism and get you closer to your weight loss goals!


Before we dive into my tips, just keep in mind that weight loss ultimately comes down to calories in versus calories out. This whole concept basically means that if you eat less than you burn, you’ll lose weight! While the tips I’m going to give you to lose fat fast are helpful, you have to remember that being in a calorie deficit is king when it comes to fat loss… so be mindful of how much you eat!

Full disclosure: it’s actually really bad if you lose too much fat too quickly. Depending on what weight you’re starting off at and what lifestyle you had before starting a diet program, the amount of realistic and recommended weight loss you should see per week can really differ. Simply put, the heavier you are the easier it is to lose weight! For most babes, 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week is ideal, but as you get closer to your goal weight… it ain’t unrealistic to see less than 1 pound per week drops as you shift towards body composition changes (ie. losing more fat and gaining muscle) that isn’t always reflected on the scale. In general, losing weight too fast increases your likelihood of gaining it back… YES I said it! It also means you lose more muscle mass which slows down your metabolism more and you can really mess up your menstrual cycle, babes!

Instead of following a crash diet, fat burning pills or a juice cleanse when trying to lose fat fast and slim down for an event, try these 4 tips instead:


1. Plan a reverse diet a few weeks out before your event.

You may be shocked… but if your fat loss has plateaued and you’re freaking the F out before an event because you really wanted to feel confident in that dress you bought, it would benefit you to consider a reverse diet. Reverse Dieting is a fat loss method where you gradually increase your calories over a few weeks so you can boost up your metabolism before resuming a weight loss diet again. It’s great for babes who have been dieting for extended periods of time and have slowed down their metabolism… especially if you’re currently not eating much food and still can’t lose weight!

Reverse diets work because by gradually increasing your calorie intake, you help your metabolism run more efficiently and improve certain hormones that help with fat loss. Also, by gradually increasing calories you can help burn more calories at rest in your body before starting a new diet and restrict more food. By doing this, you’ll be able to burn more fat!

2. Lift heavier weights in the gym.

This may shock you, but you shouldn’t go to the gym with the intention of “burning as many calories as I can” when you’re trying to lose fat fast. That’s because hours of steady state cardio or walking on the treadmill may burn a lot of calories in that moment, but doesn’t necessarily have benefits for hours or days after your sessions. That’s because although lots of cardio may burn calories, as soon as you leave the gym or your elliptical session that fat-burning ends! And while there are benefits to including cardio such as interval training as part of your fat loss routine, it may be shocking to hear that it is not 100% necessary and honestly won’t help you achieve fat loss FAST when you’re in a crunch!

Instead, get your ass to the gym and lift heavy weights. The aspect most babes are missing when trying to lose fat is a strong gym routine. Strength training builds muscle, which raises your resting energy expenditure (the amount of calories you burn when you’re just sitting still) and gives you the toned physique you’ve been wanting. As a result, it will help you lose fat faster.

PS - If you’re never lifted weights before or taken your training at the gym seriously… you’re in luck! When you are first starting out you’ll have a greater response to lifting weights and be able to put on more muscle FASTER which means you’ll be able to lose fat faster!

3. Increase unprocessed, natural foods like fruits and veggies.

First off, there are no magical foods for fat loss. PERIOD! So don’t get it twisted… BUT emphasizing a diet rich in unprocessed, natural foods is definitely one of the easiest ways to supercharge fat burning and get you closer to your weight loss goals.

Processed carbs (which are some of my faves if I’m being honest) that are refined and higher in sugar unfortunately don’t keep you full for long and can promote fat storage. That’s because they lack one super important nutrient: FIBER. Unprocessed foods like fruits and veggies are packed with fibers that rev up your metabolism and keep you full for longer making them a better choice especially if your goal is fat loss.

But I have to be honest… my simple 3 step weight loss formula teaches you how to include all the amazing FUN foods you love as part of your diet that are more processed. That’s because these foods themself don’t cause weight gain: your total calories per day does!

I’m definitely not saying to cut out FUN foods… it’s more about what can you ADD IN to your diet that can help you! So instead of focusing on cutting our your favorite foods and feeling deprived when you’re trying to lose fat fast, I want to encourage you to focus on the quality of your diet and eating natural foods high in fiber. Foods that you should aim on adding to your diet that are high in fiber include beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, and whole grains. If tracking your food intake, aim for 30 grams of fiber each day.

4. Get in your daily steps!

Exercise is wicked important for fat loss, but let’s not forget that your 30 minute gym session is only 2% of your entire day! There is another 98% of your day where you have the opportunity to be active, burn fat and get closer to your goals. While intentional exercise like strength training is important for building muscle and increasing how many calories you burn at rest, it doesn’t mean that what you do for the rest of the day doesn’t matter.

Getting active and hitting at least 10,000 steps per day can help you accelerate your fat loss goals, and for good reason! The American Council on Exercise estimates that the average person can burn up to 3,500 calories per week by walking 10,000 steps every day. That is a lot of extra calories!! Which can help with fat loss, babes! So, focus on getting more active. Walk your dog around town. Take the stairs. Park farther away at the grocery store. All these little activities help you burn more and hit your fat loss goals FASTER!

skinny drinks guide ebook.png

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