Alumni Slim Down Program

Have you felt like you’ve tried every diet out there, and still haven’t been able to reach your weight loss goals? Chances are, that diet was really hard to follow to and made it really difficult to go out to eat with friends or enjoy a drink at happy hour! Instead of following another diet program that isn’t customized to you, your lifestyle, and your goals, my personalized nutrition coaching gives you the one-on-one attention needed to fit your nutrition plan into your lifestyle and your weight loss goals.

I’ve helped hundreds of women understand what foods and portion sizes they need to eat to hit their weight loss goals as part of my Alumni Slim Down Program. As a registered dietitian and nutrition coach, I inspire women to consistently eat a balanced diet (including all your favorite foods) to help you reach your weight loss goals in 3 months or less.


30 Day Tone Up

When’s the last time you followed a diet for 30 days? Maybe it was last year, last week, or even right now!

Reality is, we both know these commercial diets don’t work! Instead of cutting out more foods, learn how to effectively lose weight and keep it off forever!

The 30 Day Tone Up is a weight loss program that helps you learn how to fuel your body to TONE UP by balancing your plate, counting calories and navigating restaurant menus. In this online program, I’ve combined all of the important lessons I teach my 1:1 clients to help them lose weight and tone up stress-free and bundled them into 30 days!

The program covers the 4 most important aspects a nutrition program MUST-HAVE for you to reach and maintain your weight loss goals stress-free. I also don’t want you to feel alone on your journey, which is why I’ve created an exclusive online community (available at Facebook, here!) so you can learn from others going through the program too! This way you all can hold each other accountable every day... including AFTER your 30 days are up!