Have FUN losing weight

Weight loss for sorority alumni


Just like many sorority sisters, I too have struggled with my weight!

I’m Lauren, Registered Dietitian and dieting dropout! After failing at fad diets and feeling guilty eating my favorite FUN foods, I now teach sorority alumni just like you how to lose weight (and keep it off) with my 3 step weight loss formula!


My 3 Step Weight Loss Formula

Fad diets make nutrition real complicated with forbidden foods, crazy supplement regimens and wild exercise routines.

Reality is, nutrition for weight loss is actually very simple. Instead of cutting out your favorite foods and missing out on that margarita, following my 3 step weight loss formula allows you to hit your weight loss goals while having FUN!

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Discover how many calories you need per day to burn fat and lose weight.

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Eat a macro-balanced plate at every meal to boost your metabolism.

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Learn how to incorporate your favorite FUN foods without gaining weight!

Lauren Smith Sorority Nutritionist Dietitian

Meet Lauren!

Lauren Smith MS, RD is an online registered dietitian and weight loss expert that has helped hundreds of women lose weight without giving up their favorite foods. As the owner of The Sorority Nutritionist, Lauren took her own struggles with her weight and body image in college to help other women live healthier, more balanced lives.

After navigating diets that left her social life in shambles and food guilt at an all time high, Lauren discovered that by eating her favorite foods with her total calories and macronutrients in mind, she lost weight without stress and could still have FUN!

Lauren now uses social media to share her message that weight loss doesn’t have to be miserable, and has helped women all over the world, lose weight and gain confidence with her 3 step weight loss formula.


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