Kristin realized results didn’t happen overnight!

When I began working with Lauren, I was several years into my fitness journey - I had learned a lot. I started with running, then yoga, then weightlifting... I liked healthy natural foods and I was easily influenced and swayed by social media accounts touting this routine or certain foods. Don’t get me wrong - I wasn’t on any fad diets and the food/meal ideas weren’t bad - but they weren’t tailored for ME and MY body and MY goals. It was a disorganized and uninformed hodgepodge of ideas with no clear guidance. I had plateaued in my fitness journey.

Lauren got to know me. She acknowledged the progress I had made and informed me what my body would need to reach my goals. It was NOT overnight - but it works. I didn’t have to deprive myself - but pretty soon I wasn’t even craving the things that had hindered me so much. I understood my macros, my goals, and an overall balance! It wasn’t about counting calories every day but about keeping it present in my mind and listening to my body. We began a year and a half ago, and I lost over ten pounds while increasing my muscle tone and maintaining this has been a breeze - I don’t consider myself to be dieting. I am simply eating INFORMED every day. Even if you think you know about healthy food and nutrition, I guarantee that there is so much that you can learn and gain from working with Lauren!

Cali Weight Loss Story.png

Cali’s almost at her goal weight!

It is honestly very insane to me that I have come so close to achieving the goals that I set for myself when I started working with Lauren. I was really nervous about listing “lose 10 pounds” as one because I was super unsure if I would even be able to get there and was very skeptical that I would be able to lose any weight. 

I had tried for so long on my own, but nothing worked. Feeling like I had put in a lot of effort in the past, it made me feel bad about myself when I could not lose weight or make any progress. Now after working with Lauren, I realized that the diets I was trying were just making matters worse. I was looking for a quick fix, and not truly willing to make real changes to ultimately reach my goals. 

The fact that I have lost 7.5ish pounds in 16 weeks is kind of nuts! Putting everything in perspective, I am very proud of that! That means that I am only 17.5 pounds away from getting back to the size I was when I was 19 years old, which blows my mind.

Judy ditched the scale and gained confidence!